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About Me

 I am an Italian digital artist and illustrator .

  I am extremely creative and motivated to develop new creative solutions for productions.

My passion for art and photography has driven me to constantly explore and experiment with new ideas. I am always seeking new perspectives and innovative approaches to capture unique moments and convey emotions through my work.

With years of experience in the artistic field, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with various individuals, companies, and organizations. Throughout my journey, I have developed a wide range of technical and creative skills that enable me to tackle complex challenges and achieve successful projects.

Tel: 348 6062430 |  Email:

Award received

"New Renaissance " Art Exhibition

London 2023

Monochrome Photography
Awards Honorable mentions

F.99 IKONO SPACE selection 2020

FAPA nominee ( Fine Art Photography Awards) 2019

Milano Photo Week Exposition -  Vestigium. 2018

Abstract Photography Publication 2017

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