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Gabriele Guadagnini
Fine Artist-Photographer

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Noli me tangere - triptych 2019 Digital photography

Through my lens, I capture poignant images that serve as a denunciation of the pressing issues of our time: climate change and pollution. These photographs showcase the beauty and vulnerability of our environment, emphasizing the urgent need for collective action and responsible stewardship.

Each image tells a story of resilience, portraying the remarkable strength and adaptability of the natural world in the face of ongoing challenges. From polluted cityscapes to devastated landscapes, I aim to evoke a sense of urgency and reflection within the viewer.

"Noli Me Tangere" invites us to confront the consequences of our actions and explore the profound connection between humanity and the environment. Through these visual narratives, I strive to awaken empathy, spark dialogue, and inspire positive change.

© 2022 by Gabriele Right Reserved
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