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Gabriele Guadagnini
Fine Artist-Photographer

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Answer- polyptych 2020 Digital photography
line in send.png

"Risposte" (Answers) is a project that explores the hidden microcosm that surrounds us, revealing details that often escape our daily attention. Through the use of abstract photography, I pose questions about the world around us and seek answers in those seemingly insignificant details.

My photographs capture fleeting moments, fragments of beauty and mystery that lie within the fabric of reality. Through the creative use of light, shadows, shapes, and colors, I aim to convey a sense of wonder and curiosity towards what we may consider mundane.

Through this project, I invite viewers to look beyond the surface of things and discover the incredible complexity and beauty that lie within the smallest details. The answers we seek may be right there, in the play of light on an everyday object or in the intricacy of a particular detail.

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