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Gabriele Guadagnini
Fine Artist-Photographer

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To have a soul is a crime - polyptych 2022 Digital photography

In the modern world, we often find ourselves surrounded by a crowd, yet we feel alone and disconnected. In my project, I have captured the essence of loneliness through minimalistic photographs and 3D renderings. I have explored the condition of those who possess a profound and sensitive soul, who feel like strangers in an environment dominated by superficiality and the violence of massification. Despite the loneliness and alienation that afflict those who stand out in the modern world, I have sought to reveal the hidden beauty that resides within these souls. My photographs and minimalistic 3D renderings highlight their inner light and the delicacy of emotions that are often ignored or repressed. In a gray and distorted world, these souls are like rare pearls that shine in their uniqueness.

© 2022 by Gabriele Right Reserved
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