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Gabriele Guadagnini
Fine Artist-Photographer

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Abstract light - triptych 2019 Digital photography
abstract light 01
abstract light 03
abstract light 02

"Abstractions of Light," a series of photographs that explores the wondrous world of light and its connection to life itself. Through photographic abstraction, I have sought to capture the vibrant and pulsating nature of light, transforming it into shapes and colors that invite us to reflect upon its omnipresent presence in our daily lives.

My photographs are an attempt to capture the immense power and beauty of light. Each shot is a fleeting moment, an instant of life materializing through play of light, shadows, and reflections. By employing creative exposure and composition techniques, I have endeavored to convey the energy and vitality that light bestows upon the universe that surrounds us.

The abstractions of light I will present will take you on an emotional journey, exploring its capacity to inspire, transform, and connect. Each photograph is a unique work of art, carrying within it a message of hope, rebirth, and wonder.

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