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Abstracts - Mixed technique-2023
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abstract lightbrush.png
light abstract 02.png
abstract 06.jpg
memory of the last moment.png
base nuovo.png
innerpeace  before the tempest.png
abstract 10.png
emotions universe.png

My abstract works are the result of a fusion of various artistic techniques, including long-exposure photography, digital painting, and traditional techniques. Through this mix of approaches, I aim to explore and capture the essence of the world around me, transforming reality into an abstract and dreamlike dimension.

Long-exposure photography allows me to capture the movement and fluidity of time, creating luminous trails and blurs that convey a sense of dynamism and change. This element adds a temporal dimension to my works, reflecting the flow of emotions and experiences.

By using digital painting, I add layers of color and texture to my photographs, creating a surreal and evocative atmosphere. This technique provides me with the freedom to explore an infinite range of creative possibilities, allowing me to transform and manipulate the images to achieve the desired effect.

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