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"Anger" is an abstract work of art that embodies the intense and raw emotion of anger.

This painting is a bold and striking representation of human fury, emerging through a tumultuous blend of vivid and vibrant colors.

At the center of the artwork stands the face of a woman, whose lines and shapes are outlined by frantic strokes and brushwork of color. Her face is contorted by anger, and tears flow down her cheeks in an unstoppable stream of emotions. These tears are depicted by strokes of intense red, contrasting with the other tumultuous colors that surround the face.

Yellow, red, and orange clash and overlap, creating a sense of agitation and tension. This vibrant color palette is a reflection of the intense energy of anger, erupting like a storm of colors on the canvas.

"Anger" captures the power of human emotion, exploring how anger can overwhelm and consume, but also how it can be expressed vividly and viscerally through art. This work invites the viewer to confront anger and reflect on its impact on the human psyche, offering a complex insight into a universal emotion.

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